Snowboard Carrier Straps from Bowtie Products

The Bowtie Ski Carrier is "Simply The Finest" way to carry your skis and poles

Bowtie Snowboard Carriers are "Simply the Finest"



If you are looking for the simplest, least expensive way to carry your snowboard, This Is It!

Over the shoulder Snowboard Carrier

Of course the handle strap length easily adjusts for hand, shoulder, or back carry.

See video for full info!

The pre-formed loops simply slip over the ends of the snowboard, snug and center on the bindings.

But as with any Snowboard Carrier, nearly 10 feet of webbing can become a tangled mess in your pocket, that's where our "Bowtie" advantage comes in...

It easily fits in any pocket and stays as a neat coil until you need it again.

The unique "Bowtie" snow board carrier advantage is that when you take it off you can simply roll it up on itself, and the well placed hook and loop tabs connect to give you a neat, small, soft, snug, coil instead of 10 feet of tangled webbing.

You should also know that we are the only carrier strap to use nylon webbing instead of the normal polypropylene.

What difference does that make? Well although nylon costs us more, it is less likely to fray than polypropylene, and we've also found that it is less slippery on your ski jacket and therefore easier to keep on your shoulder.

It's just another way we made it the best snowboard carrier we could.

If you are looking for the simplest, least expensive way to carry your snowboard, this is it!

As with all Bowtie Products, Your satisfaction is guaranteed...

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