The Bowtie Ski Carrier is "Simply The Finest" way to carry your skis and poles

Bowtie Products began with an attempt to create a ski carrier / sling that would also work for many other items. It was soon apparent though that people would be better served by carrier/slings that were designed for specific items to produce maximum convenience and practicality.

The criteria for a Bowtie item was that the Bowtie Products had to work better than other items already on the market. The final product had to be simple to use, made with the highest quality materials and wherever possible designed to wrap up for compact storage. Customers also deserve a video on youtube that fully shows how to get the most from their ski carrier / sling along with the snowboard carrier and other Bowtie items.

Amongst other things this meant using the more expensive 2” nylon “backpack” webbing which was less slippery and more durable than than the common polypropylene seat-belt style of webbing.

Besides the Bowtie Ski Carrier, the Bowtie Snowboard Carrier, the Bowtie Ski Boot carrier, the Bowtie yoga mat carrier/sling, the Bowtie Camp Chair carrier/ sling and the
Bowtie Coil Keeper for hoses cords and ropes.

The 182 positive reviews on Amazon (out of 187) show that skiers enjoy the features built into the Bowtie Ski Carrier. The internet retailers allow the Bowtie items to be purchased and delivered directly from Bowtie Products.

Whenever possible Bowtie Products are produced in the United States. They are packaged and shipped from a sheltered workshop in Wisconsin.