Joust of the Carols

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The Christmas Carol Sing-a-Long game.

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The party is winding down. No one has the energy to play formal games and yet folks aren’t quite ready to go. Time to sit down in the family room and wind down with the joust of lyrics Christmas style. So simple, so much fun.                                                                                                                                                     (Although this game can also work well with large groups like office parties, where it becomes sort of like a Christmas Karaoke)

Turn down the lights a bit. No one has to read anything and everyone is more likely to sing if the lights are turned down a bit.

Form two teams. Try to put at least one strong musical person on each side. One side then throws out a "Christmassy" word (sample words provided below) and then the joust is on.

For example The word is "bell"

Quick, think of a song with the word bell in it, let your team know it and then altogether sing at least six words in the song. Ring Christmas bells merrily ring, tell all the world Jesus is king: OK! It's the other team's turn. Sleigh bells ring, are you the lane snow is glistening, a beautiful site, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland.....Uh-oh, back to your team.

The time each team has to come up with a song depends on you. You can start with one minute but that can be adjusted as your group needs.

The rule is that you have to sing 6 or more words of the song around the special word you’re looking for. But you can sing many more if it is a fun carol to sing or a few less if the one team is a bit behind.

You keep going until one side goes gives up.

You can play with formal rules if you’d like but for most people the games the thing and formal rules aren’t needed. In fact it works best if you can keep the game sort of even and play first team to win 4 games out of 7 or so.

This is a great game for any occasion but with all of the Christmas Carols that are known it works particularly well at Christmas.

The following are some words common to Christmas Carols. Obviously you don’t want to have to try to remember Carols with very rare words in them. Its best if everyone can at least start out a joust with a few easy words.

Christmas, King, Santa, Merry, Bells, Snow, Joy, Angels, Presents, Tree, Night, White, Sing, Mistletoe, Baby, Merry, Stocking, gift, wish

You can print out this list of words or add your own, then cut them out and put them in a hat or bowl and pick them as needed.

When it is done best it is half contest and half sing- a-long.

Like any game it takes a bit of energy to get going, but once it does it is surprising how many people chime in.

Have fun. John and Sandy                       

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