Bowtie Fat Ski Carrier straps

The Bowtie Ski Carrier is "Simply The Finest" way to carry your skis and poles

Bowtie Fat Ski Carriers are "Simply the Finest"




Simplest to Put On

No Small Parts To Lose

Now with anExtra long handle( The same as our "Big and Tall" model) It quickly adjusts for Diagonal Back sling,Shoulder,Or Hand Carry

Works With Or Without Poles

Truly Holds Everything Snug

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Bowtie FatSki Straps

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Are our Magnum Carrier with just a little bit longer wrap strap for the Fat skis.

The 2" wide handle strap is the same as for the Big and Tall ski Carrier, it is by far the longest on the market and it easily adjustsfrom 24" to 54 " to allow back sling or shoulder, or hand carry

They are the only ski carriers we know of that were designed with the wider Fat Skis in mind.

The extra wide wrap strap easily fits on all skis up to 105 cm wide near the bindings.

The wider skis are of course heavier too which makes the extra wide shoulder strap welcome.

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The unique "overwrap" design makes is easy to put on, and then the tiny bit of elastic makes all the difference in holding everything snug

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Why is the Bowtie MAGNUM Ski Sling / Carrier so good?

Because it's a great combination: Easiest to put on and best at holding skis and poles snug while making it easy to carry them in a variety of ways.

Back Sling

Shoulder Sling

Hand Carry

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