Christmas Carol Picture Puzzles

or also known as Christmas Carol Rebus


Christmas Carol Picture puzzles  (Christmas rebus)

I  have a wonderful new daughter-in-law who will be doing the artwork and we should have it up soon so be sure to check back.

Game 7 also offers an older simpler version of Christmas Picture puzzles but I wanted to offer a few new ones for those who have already seen the old ones.

Hi again,  

   Ya know getting things done by busy daughter in laws takes a bit more time than I had imagined.   I can't blame her though, it might well be my 4 year old grandson Masens fault more than anyone's, and of course I don't blame him for anything.

  So until it gets done let me offer you this link to another fellow who has done the same thing or better.   He actually has a much larger and a bit more complicated sight for you to work from.  

  You can find it here.

   Or you can go back to my home page and find and click the link to Christmas Song Picture Game that will give you a simpler color version to work with.  Might be easier for you.

  You will  find a bunch of  Christmas  picture puzzle games there.  You'll have to use your back button to come back to these Bowtie Products Christmas Party games.


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